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3/04/2011 Status Update

Hey this is Jared and I just want to post a status update. I have found a lot of blogs that have like one post then nothing forever, and I don’t want this to be one of those. I think most people start one, things don’t take off as quick as they wanted, they go a while without posting, and then either just forget about it or maybe just feel like it would be ridiculous to pick it up again after so long.

The truth is that I’m about 2.5 months into a winter on Kodiak Island, and my internet service is spotty. There’s really nothing going on in Underfoot until I get back to the lower 48 in May, so all I’m doing is working on my craft out here. When I’m able to actually get things moving in Syracuse after my return, I’ll start posting more regularly. As it stands right now, I’m just going to post maybe once a month to keep this thing alive and remind myself that I have this thing waiting for me.

Hope this post finds you well, and I look forward to engaging you in the future. For now, I’m probably just writing to myself. But who knows. Maybe in the future many more will read this. We’ll see.


— Jared


Here we go.

Hello and thank you for stopping by the activity blog for Underfoot– an outdoor education initiative in Syracuse, NY. My name is Jared Skye and I’ll be using this blog to maintain updates on what Underfoot is currently up to and what’s on the horizon.

For anyone that doesn’t know what Underfoot is, or who I am, I’ll use this post to give a little background.

Underfoot specializes in providing instruction on outdoor skills, traditional ecology, and wilderness survival.

I’m Jared. I created Underfoot to combine my background as a field biologist with my experiences in the wilderness; using them as a means to help others develop the practical, scientific, and historical perspective necessary to get the most out of their outdoor adventures. As a biologist I have worked on biodiversity studies in the United States, and have most recently planned and implemented research in the remote cloud forests of central Mexico with another biologist. I’ve been involved in the outdoors my entire life, having backpacked throughout the eastern United States, studied traditional ecology/survival skills under a Mexican native family, and spent years practicing bushcraft skills in the NE, SE, and NW United States. As I write this, I am spending the winter alone in a cabin on Kodiak Island off the southern coast of Alaska for the second time. By the end of this winter I will have spent over a year completely alone in remote Alaskan wilderness, practicing and testing my bushcraft skills against the background of this harsh environment.

In creating Underfoot, my goal is simple: engendering positive conservation values by helping people get the most out of their own outdoor adventures. It’s my firm belief that the most passionate and realistic supporters of conservation are those with active personal ties, and exciting memories of time spent in, their local wild spaces.

Please stop back again the future and see what we have going on.